Gone to seed

Optimized-2015-08-09 15.10.30Because of the drought, I did no planting this spring, and instead let existing things go to seed. As I result, I have my own fennel and coriander seeds from the garden, as well as lots of chicken food!

Optimized-2015-08-09 10.33.50But here it is, poetry Monday, and despite working all day in the garden, I need to post a poem. I found a set of poems that Richard Brautigan wrote on seed packets. Here is one, and you can see more here:

Screenshot 2015-08-10 19.23.37

I was quite bowled over by Trout Fishing in America when I first read it in my teens, hadn’t read anything quite like it. I still fondly remember the Kool-Aid Wino, the bullfrogs, and the alligator.


2 thoughts on “Gone to seed

  1. Back in the day, my brother bought a copy of Trout Fishing in America. He read it out loud to us in the evenings. My brother was like 3 years older than me and my two younger sisters. We loved it, we laughed and were amazed.
    Just thinking of those days, I am filled with longing and a sweet ache. He did the same things for us with POE. I know these things happened, but the mystery of time itself obscures what I am looking for. Again, that’s what I am looking for, again.
    All the very BEST to you, Meryl,


  2. Longing and a sweet ache–Robert Hass’ haiku,

    Even in New York,
    sunlight on brownstones,
    I long for New York.

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