The Yacon

yaconflowerMy neighbor gave me a few Yacon rhizomes a couple of years ago, and now I have a Yacon forest. This Peruvian vegetable looks a lot like a sunflower, with long stalks and heavy green leaves, but the flowers are smaller. Underground, it grows huge tubers.

I harvested one plant yesterday and got almost 10 pounds of tubers. They are similar to jicama, but juicier and sweeter.yacon


I use them in salads and fruit salads. I’m sure I could use them like water chestnuts in stir fry, too. My only problem is a surplus of Yacon. Fortunately, I can leave them in the ground awhile and harvest them gradually.

4 thoughts on “The Yacon

  1. Next time you’re coming this way, bring me some yacon. Also I’ve seen such a thing
    as yacon syrup on line but don’t know how good it is.

  2. Of course, I will bring you some. When I went to LA last time, I stayed in a room through AirBNB. I had brought some Yacon with me. It turned out that the guy who owned the house actually made Yacon Syrup. But I didn’t care much for it.

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