We were gone for part of the holidays, and were lucky to have an expert photographer, Evan Harrar, as a house sitter. He took some photos of the yard and chickens (as well as some stunning bridge and city photos which he will offer for sale).

The garden is full of greens, potatoes, garlic, and fennel, with morning-glory doing what it does (that is, getting out of hand):

GardenWe had breakfast this morning right from the garden:


Evan took some nice photos of the chickens, too. the flock

roosterIt was especially nice to have this photo of the silkie rooster, whom I had to give up. A neighbor across the canyon complained, and even though she lives in Berkeley where roosters are legal, it’s better not to have unhappy neighbors.

The baby chicks (born in October), are now fully integrated into the flock. I’m waiting to see what they turn out to be. Two are clearly silkies. the others have all have feathers on their feet but other than that look like Americanas or Osterlorps.

baby chicks

The  Labyrinth, too, is pretty well weeded and ready to replant (you can tell this is my photo).


As for the holiday itself, the highlight was the formation of our unique band, named by my granddaughter, The Dumps ‘n Toots:

Dumps 'n TootsWe’re still working on our first release.


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