Emu egg and kitchen gadgets

ostrich egg_optI’m having a slow recovery from the holidays, though I can hardly blame the California weather.

One of the highlights of our holiday breakfasts was an Emu egg I got at the farmers’ market. It was about 7″ long, and I calculated it was about 6 eggs worth of egg. We drilled holes in either end, blew out the egg, and made a frittata.  Then I packed the shell away with the Christmas ornaments.

And while my pile of books to read remains unread, I did get some new kitchen tools. When in LA, the house I was staying in had these great citrus squeezers. I’ve been through many in my search for the perfect squeezer, but these are the best I’ve found. I promptly broke one by squeezing a very hard lime too enthusiastically. As I had to replace it for the owners of the kitchen, I bought myself a set:

2014-01-07 09_optAt Larry’s urging, I got a little pronged drier for plastic bags. Yes, I am a bag reuser, and he got tired of seeing damp bags around the counter.

2014-01-07 09_opt-2








So we are starting the new year with some new gadgets, but low energy. Hopefully, it will revive with the sun. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying being lazy.

One last photo, Larry’s cowlick, snapped at breakfast, apropos of nothing but my fondness for it. 2013-12-20 08_opt



2 thoughts on “Emu egg and kitchen gadgets

  1. My grandfather had “Larry Hair’- thick and stick straight, and to make sure he always looked like an FBI agent, he oiled his hair and put on a tight translucent beanie he had fashioned from one of my grandmothers silk stockings and then called it a night. I stayed over at their place quiet a bit and was fascinated by his nightly ritual. I haven’t thought of him for years and it’s been a pleasure to be flooded with these memories.
    Happy New Year!!

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