Spring training

larry celebrityLarry has been waiting longingly for the baseball season to start, and today when I went in to his office to discuss breakfast, he was staring mournfully at his computer.

“I can’t figure out what A’s games are going to be on the radio,” he complained.

As there was a twitter site listed for FM 95.7, the channel that hosts the A’s game, I suggested he ask them on Twitter. A few clicks, and we were on his Twitter account and asked the question to @95.7THEGAME.

“Now they’ll answer you,” I said.

“Where will they answer me?” Larry wanted to know.

“On your Twitter account.”

“But I don’t have a Twitter account.”

“Yes you do. We were just on it.” I showed him his account, LarryMrBebop.

“I have one follower?”


“My legend is growing,” Larry said.


2 thoughts on “Spring training

  1. Of course, they didn’t answer me — and I still don’t know who my follower is. Probably someone at an internet cafe in Nigeria.

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